Win a Tee-Shirt!

The first person (owner excluded of course) to guess what this is gets a free tee-shirt - it's as simple as that! No tricks, no hoops to jump through, no joke - just be the first person to comment on our FaceBook page what you think this is. (And yes, those are Rhonda's hair ties holding up the pushrod tube covers). Contest ends next Friday - November 24, 2017 at noon. I'll post the winner's name and the winning answer on FaceBook once the results have been determined.

These are the kinds of bikes / engines that we specialize in. Getting the word out is what we're aiming for, so keep in mind that we're here this winter, ready, willing and able to make sure you can ride next summer. 

ENCLOSED TRAILER - we'll come and get your ride, fix it all up and return it to you ready for the new season. New paint, new handlebars, wheels, tires - you name it. 

THANK YOU! to those of you who joined us for the Veteran's Day Parade - it was an honor to ride with you and tell our Vets just how much we care about them, and appreciate all that they've done!

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Rhonda Coats