Western Power Sports Dealer!!!

We are very excited to announce that we are now a distributor of ALL Western Power Sports products!!! From their warehouse and corporate headquarters in Boise, Idaho, we can expect delivery of any order within 2 days and although we get a break on shipping if our order is over a certain amount -- never fear -- we will NOT hold your order up while waiting on someone else. Whatever you need - we'll get it on it's way to our shop ASAP - you can count on us!!!

WPS specializes in:  HardDrive - American V-Twin Products - with over 1,100 pages of EVERYTHING for your machine, whatever you'll need - they'll have it and we'll get it.

If you're like us - street riding isn't the only riding you do. The OffRoad catalog features everything imaginable for gettin' dirty and pushing yourself and your bike to the max! 

No matter what your riding style is, WPS has Apparel for you. Riding in central Oregon almost certainly means that at some point you're going to get wet and cold -- but we can't let that keep us indoors. Electric riding gear is perfect and I personally get at least 30% more riding in because of the heated gear. I don't mind being teased every now and then for being a girl (after all, I am one) and gearing up and plugging into the bike -- and I'll take the ribbing over staying home any day!

Come on down and thumb through the catalogs - you're sure to find something you need, want, or just can't live without!!!


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