Joey’s Bike

David and Joey met 20 years ago at a little store in Prineville, Oregon. David was new in town and needed to have some jewelry repaired. When he walked into MJ Facets in Prineville one of the first things he noticed was a Marine Corp flag on the owner’s desk. Joey and his wife owned MJ Facets and Joey and David immediately became friends. During their twenty-year friendship, David got to know Joey pretty well. “He was an engineer, and everything had to be perfect. Everything in its place.” They had a lot in common and would just hang out, talk, and build stuff. “Joey was a very private person, and I didn’t ask him a lot of questions about his life. I knew he was into radios, he could build anything, he loved putting things together, trains, just about anything. He had one of the most brilliant minds I’d ever met, there was nothing he couldn’t fix, nothing he couldn’t make.”

Due to previous injuries to his back and hips, and kidney cancer, David had to seek treatment in Florida in 2015. He was gone for a little over a year and when he returned home in January 2016, the first thing on his list was to see his best friend, Joey. David wasn’t prepared for what he found – Joey was curled up on the sofa, very despondent. His house was being foreclosed, his wife had left him, his cars were gone, everything was gone -- and he had terminal cancer. David immediately got a 3-bedroom house and he and his son Anthony moved Joey in with them. David and Anthony took care of Joey for the 11 months before Joey died on December 28, 2016.

Joey’s dream was to build a motorcycle and take it to Sturgis. Joey knew he was terminal, and didn’t know how long he had so he told David that if he passed before the bike was done, he wanted him to finish the bike. Joey gave David the bike and trailer and made sure David would finish the bike. “Joey was a meticulous person, the most organized person I’ve known in my life.” David was honored that Joey trusted him to complete the project and David isn’t letting him down.

David shared that Joey “took this bike and just by drawing it out he bought all of the parts, knew exactly what he wanted to do with it. He rode before this bike, but this was his first Harley since he was young, but he’s had bikes his whole life.” They rode a few times together during those 20 years, but due to his back and hips David wasn’t able to ride as much as Joey, nor as much as he wanted to.

 “Anthony and Joe would stay up late, stargazing, looking through the telescopes and would spend 3-4 hours talking every night because they are both so smart and had a lot in common. Anthony took it very hard when Joe died, we both did. We were both at his side when he died.”

“He knew God but wasn’t real religious”, David said. He added that Joey “didn’t go to Church but prayed a lot, same as me. Especially after this with Joe and stuff it really brought me a lot closer to God, both me and my son.

“Joe and I, we almost had that bike done. We were going to ride to Sturgis together.”

That bike took a few months to put together – fabricated parts, old parts, new parts, a sleek seat, black powder coating and lots and lots of chrome!!!! The build was completed in June, 2017 and it’s on the road!!! Joey’s bike has one of the hottest motors around – the Ultima 127inch motor (that translates to hellafast) with an Ultima transmission, 3.35” open primary belt drive and too many other bonus pieces to list!!!

Joey’s Bike will be at Sturgis Bike Week 2017!!!

David is keeping his promise and getting that bike to Sturgis! 

Rhonda Coats