Joe's Indian Chief - just add kicker, foot clutch and side shift!

This is Joe's bike -- he wants a kicker, foot clutch - hand shift conversion - and we're going to do it for him!!! (and you thought we only worked on Harley's)

Joe contacted us almost a year ago about this project and was all set to ship us his bike from Lansing Michigan when his wife, Belinda, was tragically taken in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. We grieved with Joe and prayed for him over the loss of his life-long true love, and figured he'd let the project go while he adjusted to life without Belinda -- but that's not Joe. He wants the bike modified, and will ride it proudly in memory of his wife. We all know how the road, the sound of an engine and the feel of the wind in our faces helps heal the unexpected and sometimes devastating realities of this life and we want to be a part of Joe achieving this particular dream!

The bike arrived today after making a cross-country trek without Joe. We're excited to get the project started and we'll post additional photos of the transformation Joe's Chief will be taking.

Rhonda Coats