That’s right — we love our customers, love including you in every aspect of the shop, and especially love getting your feedback and ideas — so — help us pick a new color for a paint project we’re working on. Send us your color pick for a 1995 Road King (Evo motor, carburetor, no computers, no cam chain tensioners, dependable, worry-free riding at it’s best!!!)

When completed - this bike will be for sale, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Central Oregon Chapter of ABATE - the awesome folks who just brought you the Teddy Bear Run last weekend that a great many of you rode with and who advocate for safer roads for all riders!!!!

Text, email, phone, FB or use the customer communication form on this web site to let us know what color you like best on a Harley - the person or people who pick the winning color will get their pick of a new tee-shirt - and all contest winners from the past year will have their name included in the New Year’s Eve drawing for a $100 dollar bill!!!

Rhonda Coats