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… and then the snow stopped, and all of a sudden, it was riding season!!! Isn’t that just the way it usually goes here — almost 70 degrees one day, 35 the next? But with the ice, cinders and gravel off of most of the local highways and byways, the number of bikes on the road increases with each degree in the temperature. And here at Justice Bikes, we couldn’t be happier. Check out all of the upcoming rides for this season.

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That’s right – we’re now offering DETAILING!!! Starting at $150.00/V-Twin (a little less for smaller bikes, a little more for the Ultra Classics and paint restoration).

Call to make an appointment!

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BE SURE TO PUT MAY 4, 2019 AND AUGUST 24, 2019 on your calendars.

MAY 4, 2019 @ 11:00 at The Sandwich Factory in Prineville, Oregon for our very first SHOW, SHINE & RIDE! We’ve partnered up with Woody and the crew at The Sandwich Factory for this exciting event. All bikes and riders are welcome. We’ll award some trophies, Woody is offering discounts on his awesome food, and we’ll take a short (68 mile) ride around Brasada and Prineville dam and back to where we started for some chilled refreshments.

AUGUST 24, 2019 is our 4th Annual RUN-IN-N-OUT ride to In-n-Out Burgers in Medford where we’ll buy your lunch if you ride along with us. We love our customers, and it’s our way of saying “Thank you”

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When you ride for more than an hour and develop sore shoulders, a headache, neck pain, back pain, or any other uncomfortable anomaly, it could be an indication that your bike doesn’t quite fit you correctly. Be on the lookout for our DOES YOUR BIKE FIT YOU workshop being offered this Spring. This event will be held on a Saturday and is an invitation to ride down to Justice Bikes for a personalized fitment determination.


April 3-7 * ARIZONA BIKE WEEK * contact http://www.azbikeweek.com/

 April 6 * BIKERS GIVE A SHIFT * Wildhorse HD in Bend

 May 4 * JUSTICE BIKES SHOW ~ SHINE & RIDE * Starts at The Sandwich Factory in Prineville, Oregon at 11:00 and ends after a great little ride right back at The Sandwich Factory. Trophies will be awarded for the Best Bike in several categories, and Woody is offering 15% discounts on food to those who ride in. info@justicebikes.net

May 4 * RUN FOR THE SON * CMA – Information TBD

May 8 * FALLEN SOLDIER CART ESCORT – Contact Len Parsons @ madras@vfw12141.org or Rusty Mann at Rmann@eagleslair.net

May 11 * MOTHER’S DAY RUN * OVMA – Information TBD

May 18 * 1ST ANNUAL BLESSING OF THE BIKES POKER RUN *  Benefit for area Veterans – contact rmirrasoul@aol.com

May 24-26 * 18TH ANNUAL RUN-A-MUCCA * http://www.runamucca.com/

May 24-26 * NORTH MEETS SOUTH HARLEY-DAVIDSON RALLY * Eureka, CA. 541-330-6228

May 26 * 32ND ANNIVERSARY OF ROLLING THUNDER (FINAL RUN) * http://www.rollingthunder1.com/

June 1 * RODEHOUSE DOWN BIKER RUN * kinnecallaway@gmail.com       

June 7-8 * REDWOOD RUN * http://www.redwoodrun.org/

June 7-9 * MAUPIN MADNESS RUN * Information TBD

June 14-15 * LIGHTHOUSE RUN * http://www.highway101hd.com/--lighthouse-information

June 22 *ABATE’S LAKES, ROCKS & BRIDGES * rmwolin@hotmail.com

July (TBD) * INDEPENDENCE RALLY * Hollister, CA  www.hollisterindependencerally.com

July (TBD) * WROC ‘N ROLL POKER RUN * sin_d2003@yahoo.com

July 11-14 *HELL’S CANYON RALLY * http://www.hellscanyonrally.com/

July (TBD) * BIKES & BLUES RALLY * Blachly, OR (Information TBD)

July 17-21 * PENDLETON BIKE WEEK * http://pendletonbikeweek.com/

July 18-21 * ABATE’S 19TH ANNUAL RUN 21 * www.run-21.com

August 2-11 * 79th ANNUAL STURGIS RALLY * http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com

August 4 * ANIMAL’S GRANDMA HOUSE RUN * nzwind_2000@msn.com

August 9-11 * OVMA/VFW TUFF BUTTS RALLY * 75crazyhorse69@gmail.com

August 16-18 * CMA OREGON STATE RALLY * Madras ctbrd02@gmail.com

August 24 * JUSTICE BIKES 4th ANNUAL RUN IN-N-OUT * info@justicebikes.net

September 5-8 * OVMA 9-11 RUN * ttt@bendcable.com

September 8 * VETERANS FIRST * www.facebook.com/v1oregon/

September 14 * ABATE’S TEDDY BEAR RUN * rmwolin@hotmail.com

September 25-29 * STREET VIBRATIONS FALL RALLY * http://www.road_shows.com/street_vibrations.php

October 3-6 * 19TH ANNUAL LAS VEGAS BIKEFEST * www.lasvegasbikefest.com

December 14 * WILDHORSE HARLEY-DAVIDSON TOY RUN * 541-330-6228

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