My First Real Ride -- 5 Days ~ 4 States ~ 3 Heart Attacks ~ 2 Tires ~ 1 Incredible Journey

Pre-trip Checklist:

2 Road Kings - new oil/primary/transmission fluids; air in the tires; lights/brakes in good condition - Check

Camping Gear (Tent, Camp Chairs, Sleeping Bags, Pillows) - Check

Hotel Reservations - Check

5 days worth of clean clothes into 1 saddlebag - Check

5 days worth of snacks and water - Check

Sunscreen, Baseball cap, Raingear, outriggers for off-roading - Check

Personal protection devices for bears, moose, elk, deer, lynx, tourists, etc.

Post-trip Checklist:

Saw bear, moose, elk - negative

Saw deer, lynx, tourists - Check

Wore out two new tires on same bike (no longer recommending Shinko tires to customers) - Check

Removed steering lock mechanism in hotel parking lot so I could ride home - Check

Camped on a mountain after riding bikes down embankment to make camp - Check

Stayed inside tent while midnight thunderstorm settled on top of tent - Check

Pulled over to look at lake just as a deer jumped off a 20-foot cliff right in front of bike - Check

Rode the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana - Check

Avoided 127 collisions as distracted/drunk/high motorists passed all around - Check

Rode Lolo Pass - Check

Survived one night in Lewiston, Idaho - Check

Arrived home after 9:00pm on Sunday and wanted to ride again on Monday - Check