Big Joe and his Indian!

We got a call one day, from a guy in Michigan. Joe has a 2003 Indian Chief that he want to put a kicker on. He had starter issues and thought bypassing the electric starter would do the trick. He was told by everyone he spoke to that installing a kicker couldn’t be done. Well guess what — WE DID IT!!!!

During the process of installing the kicker and the new pipes, Joe asked about converting his baby to a foot-clutch, hand-shift - and guess what — WE DID THAT TOO!!!!

After all was said and done, Joe and his bike have been reunited and are getting to know each other all over again! This was an awesome project for us, and the kind of work we love to do. There were several fabricated components and the intricacies of making sure the clutch cable fit and worked perfectly with a foot clutch caused a few sleepless nights (no extra charge), but in the end it was all worth it. We’ve had a lot of happy, satisfied customers over the years, but I’ve never seen a smile like that!!!

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